Gallbladder removal and other laparoscopic surgery

Gallbladder removal (laparoscopic cholecystectomy)

During the procedure, the entire gallbladder is removed using a gentle laparoscopic procedure under anesthesia, known as "keyhole surgery". The essence of this is that we make a small incision at the navel, through which we introduce a camera. 2-3 additional incisions are made under the rib cage, and the gallbladder is removed without opening the abdominal cavity, with the instruments introduced through them. Online consultation every day, operation within 3 weeks.  £6300 at the Park Hill Hospital

Gastric balloon

A ball-shaped device is placed inside the stomach, into which 500-700 ml of liquid can be pumped. This creates a feeling of fullness, and the patient feels full after eating much less food.

The device is temporary and is removed after 6-12 months.

illustration of gastric ballon
illustration of gastric ballon

Interventions related to gastric band

  • Gastric band implantation: Weight loss surgery performed with laparoscopic technique and involving an adjustable band insertion.

  • Gastric band filling, aspirating

  • Gastric band removal: Operation performed under general anesthesia using laparoscopic technique.

illustration of gastric band
illustration of gastric band